Natural Jet Lag remedies

Many people assume their first day of the business trip is worthless, due to by jet lag. But facts are different. Many business travelers have enjoyed productive — if not hyper — first days. Nobody can avoid jet lag, but by following these natural remedies, you can certainly minimize the symptoms.
As long as we can remember, frequent flyers have been trying to figure out how to prevent jet lag. After all, doing business does not go well if your body is screaming for sleep and your stomach is upset by eating that last in-flight breakfast while still in night mode… Of course, many of us will find pills, caffeine and a quick whisky the easy way out. But we all know that we have to pay a price the next day. Here are some natural remedies that work as effective and probably even better.

Find the light!

The timing of exposure to bright light is key in recovering from jet lag. Spending time outdoors as soon as you are at your destination is therefore crucial! When you are surrounded by natural light, it helps your body to adjust to the shift in time zone. Whenever possible, walk that extra block around your hotel. Where natural daylight is not there, look for ways to stay in the light. Go to that brightly-lit shopping mall, get up early and avoid the cozy but very dark hotel bar.

Stay relaxed, whatever…

Traveling can be very stressful. Between wondering how you are going to catch a flight with the taxis on strike, dealing with lost luggage, and navigating a very confusing city, it is a challenge to stay clear headed. It helps to play your favorite music on your iPhone when in line in the airport or navigating through the subway. In addition, you can look for yoga rooms or a ‘quiet center’ when you have some spare time at the airport. And when you have arrived at your destination, look for the nearest park to walk around and relax.

Stay active

Traveling can make you tiresome and wanting to sit in the hotel lobby all afternoon. It is so easy to forgo your fitness routine and opt for all of the rich, filling foods that you wouldn’t normally eat at home. Why not try to find a local gym that has challenging classes, an inspiring décor or a CrossFit boot camp. Buy yourself a day pass and your business trip will suddenly look totally different.

Give yourself a home in every destination

Most business travelers have around 3-4 cities that they fly to frequently. In order to feel right at home, create yourself a list of favorite restaurants and bars in all of these cities. Going there will make you feel welcome and more relaxed. Tip well, be nice and dress appropriate and the staff will recognize you and will welcome you, even after several months.

Buy the best noise cancelling headphone you can afford

Where would any road warrior be without a noise cancelling headphone. Our advice is to buy the best your money can buy. They make long flights much more comfortable and much less tiring. It helps to block a lot of the external noice and it gives you a far better sound with your inflight movie or Netflix series. If you prefer in-ear sound-isolating earphones to the clunkier over-the-ear headphones, the Shure headphones are a very good choice. They deliver excellent sound quality and excellent sound isolation. If you’re an “over-the-ears” headphones person, then Sony has some great options for you

Do less than planned

When traveling, some people feel like they must experience every little piece of the city. Especially when the trip is only for a couple of days, they want to see all new exhibits and every single church and monument in town. Eventually they will find themselves walking around the city like a zombie, not enjoying the sights at all. The better option is to narrow your list down to a few sites you’re really excited about and spend more time just enjoying the view… While you may feel like you’re missing out if you’re not always on the go, you can also aim to gain a more in-depth understanding of the city that you are in.