5 Innovative Healthy Hotel Services

Travel can be detrimental to your health and every year there is a lot of media coverage on how to stay fit and healthy during travel. Along the way, we tend to forget the needs of our body – a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast, relaxation and exercise. It is important for hotels to make overcoming this struggle as easy as possible for their guests. These days we see hotels creating innovative healthy services. Five examples to feel inspired.
A marked change since ten, five, or even two years ago, today’s business travellers are not simply concerned with just having a comfortable place to rest their head and a fast wi-fi connection when they travel. Rather, they are expecting more and more services to be offered from their hotels which will enable them to continue their daily routines whilst away, with minimum disruption as compared to what they do on a typical day back at home. A number of innovative hotel groups have started paving the way for healthy travel in recent years, forcing their competitors to step up their game, and making travelling healthy easier and more feasible. Here at Roundstay.com, we’ve detailed five innovative health services that hotels offer their guests which we believe can offer a substantial improvement to your travel experience, and which we hope that other hotels will take note of, and follow suit with in the near future.

#1: Fresh Juice Menus

Whether you are participating in a juicing diet, or you simply want to ensure that you meet your desired daily intake of fruits and vitamins, freshly squeezed juices available at your hotel make a healthy substitute for the typical “continental breakfast” that most hotels offer, and a more refreshing alternative to a cup of coffee when travellers are looking for a little pick me up. Kimpton hotels in the USA is one such example of a brand that has recently started offering this service. Providing juices prepared before your eyes in a stylish setting, their menu offers an array of fruity concoctions, and specifies the health benefits of each particular fruit blend so that you can select an option that perfectly suits your concerns.

#2 Renting Workout Clothes

Envisage this scenario: You’re travelling to another country for a business trip and your suitcase is already meeting the limits of its holding capacity. You’ve successfully managed to cram in all of your suits and business attire, some casual clothes, your pyjamas and your toiletries but that seems to be the extent of what it can manage. Not to mention, you’re also going to be lugging around your laptop and oodles of paperwork so you’re pretty loaded up with stuff. Sneakers, gym clothes, workout equipment and sports accessories are something that you would love to take with you on your trip, so as not to disrupt the great exercise regime you’ve got going at home, but you’re simply going to have to make the sacrifice and go without. Fortunately, several hotels are participating in a recent wellbeing trend of renting out workout gear and sports equipment, so you never have to worry about missing out on that run, or having to sacrifice taking something else in your suitcase to make room for your workout clothes. Leading the way is Westin Hotels in partnership with New Balance. But more hotels follow suit.

#3 In-Room Gym

Most hotels today offer a gym within their premises for which complimentary access is provided for their guests; however, attending a hotel gym, as with any public workout space means the headache of conquering busy changing rooms, waiting for equipment, potentially having to put up with annoying fellow users, and so on. That’s why we believe that it’s fantastic that some hotels have begun offering in-room gyms meaning that you can have a quick run on the tread mill, or work on your core in between answering e-mails. No longer will you have to wait to use the machines and when you’re all finished, your personal shower is just a few feet away. Hilton has created a media hype with their five feet to fitness rooms but there are more hotels that offer likewise options such as the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. In Zurich, the Kameha Grand Zurich lets guests choose between a hip workout suite with exercise equipment and ping pong table or the relaxing serenity suite with yoga mat, bands and reading material.

#4 Super Foods Menus

It’s tiring to see the same generic options on hotel menus – the dreary club sandwich, the calorific cheeseburger, and it’s frustrating that just because we choose to eat healthily, we have to face limited options that seem to restrict us purely to soups and salads. Fortunately, we are starting to see more hotels that offer health foods or “super foods” menus to ensure that your dinner is not only healthy and vitamin rich, but that it is more exciting and palatable than the basic salads that we are usually faced with. Take the USA based Even hotels for example, with their extensive “super foods” menu.

#5 Healthier Workspaces

As much as we want to relax when we arrive back at our hotel room after a long day of business meetings and lunches, it is somewhat inevitable that we are going to ultimately find ourselves having to respond to an e-mail or two, or to have to finesse that project proposal that we’ve been working on for the last few weeks. Many hotels have a sultry mood lighting, designed specifically to help us unwind at the end of the day but it simply is not suitable when we want to work. Several hotels have taken note of this struggle faced by business travellers and as such now offer improved workspaces. Instead of the sultry mood lighting, the lighting around the desk will be bright enough for the worker to see their computer and work clearly without straining their eyes, and the typical hotel chair that awaits by the desk will be replaced by a sturdy, comfortable ergonomic alternative that eliminates the risk of back ache and neck strain while the individual is working at their desk.