How To stay Healthy in London

London is a great place to do business, feel the vibe and make new friends along the way. London is also one of the best cities to stay healthy as well. So even when traveling for business, staying fit is easy as 1-2-3. Our insider's guide to staying healthy in London will help you in combating the calories and the guilt.
With plenty of high quality restaurants serving up international and traditional British cuisines, authentic old fashioned London pubs, and an array of quirky and eccentric cocktail bars, London is the perfect location for business travel. After a long day in the boardroom, it gives you plenty of options for unwinding and de-stressing in the evening. However, constant business dinners and eating on the move in an unfamiliar city can take their toll and you can quickly find yourself stacking up the calories. Our insider’s guide to staying healthy in London will help you in combating the calories and the guilt.

Enjoy a Scenic Workout

London is home to many beautiful parks and recreational spaces. Start your morning with a light jog through Hyde Park or St James’s Park, or even consider running along the embankment and past the iconic skyline of the Houses of Parliament. Whether you are just looking for a casual workout, or you are a fitness fanatic with dedicated targets to achieve, London’s parks are large enough that you can incorporate a run of up to several miles into your daily routine while you are in town. If you are looking for inspiration, or want to ensure that your running escapades are scenic, check out apps like “map my run” and “strava” which will advise you about some of the best routes in your area. The Telegraph newspaper has published six must-run routes from Runner’s Guide to London author Hayden Shearman here.

Visit Health Food Restaurants

Just because you’re hosting a business dinner doesn’t mean that you have to do so with rich or stodgy foods. There are many healthy or “super food” restaurants in London that provide a lighter (yet still completely filling and tasty) alternative. Everybody enjoys trying something a little different from time to time, and we figure that even your business associates will approve. We’ve suggested a few new favourites:

The Good Life Eatery

Serving up colourful salads, nutritious breakfasts, and vitamin packed hot meals. If you have allergies or specific dietary requirements, they serve up many dishes which are vegetarian/vegan, dairy free and gluten free. With a central location, just head over to Belgravia to check them out.

Wild Food Cafe

Raw, plant-based recipes served up fresh in a trendy Covent Garden location.

Itadaki Zen

If you prefer something a little more exotic, Itadaki Zen by St Pancras station is a healthy vegan Japanese restaurant.

Ahi Poke

Hawaiian healthy restaurant serving up fresh seafoods and sushi dishes. Head over to Percy Street, Fitzrovia to try them out.

Walk as Much as You Can

If you’re staying in central London, and that’s where your office is based, then why not opt to walk to work rather than taking the subway? Admiring the quaint architecture of the city streets and enjoying the fresh air is surely more enjoyable than being cramped in the tube like a sardine at rush hour. Even if the commute takes you up to an hour, you can consider that brisk walking time as part of your exercise for the day, if you’re not the workout type.

Join a Healthy Group Event

Websites like meetup.com offer events which anyone that shares that particular interest can enjoy. You will find many healthy events here that you are welcome to just pop along to – from yoga classes and squash sessions, to hiking and country walks (perfect if your trip extends over a weekend).

Our personal favorite is Fittsi (www.fitssi.com). This boutique personal training collective offers 45 minutes personal training sessions, all led by a qualified REPS Level 3 personal trainer. Experience a semi-personal training session for a much better price!

Find a Gym

Just because you’re overseas doesn’t mean that your typical workout schedule has to be disrupted. Most hotels will have a gym within (especially if you have used Roundstay for your booking!), however, if not, many of the city’s gyms offer one day or short term passes. You can check out a list of available options at Pay as U Gym.

Get Juicy

With plenty of juice bars dotted around the city, and even coffee chains now offering such healthier alternatives, you can trade the morning croissant with a vitamin boosting smoothie or juice. It’s still convenient and filling, but much better for you. Looking for the right location? Our favorite chain is Joe & The Juice. It’s more of a place to hangout than your ordinary juice bar. Their shops have a lively atmosphere, good music and (important!) comfortable seating and plenty of space to work or relax. Visit joejuice.com to find your closest one.