Rob Does

CEO / Co-founder

“We feel strongly about making business travel healthier. Just call this our mission. Roundstay help busy travelers to make healthy choices.”
– Rob Does

When was your last business trip? And how fit did you feel when returning?

We’ve all been there. Trying to stay fit and healthy while having important business meetings and making vital sales deals. Along the way, we tend to forget the needs of our body – a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast, relaxation and exercise.

We’re business travelers ourselves. We know how difficult it is to stay healthy during a business trip. We’ve been there, eating too much muffins, suffering from jet lag and making good intentions to go to the gym tomorrow. We also know that being healthy can make or break business success.

Traveling should leave you happy and balanced, and give you the opportunity to focus on your business. Good health, better business! A growing number of business travelers do not accept the unhealthy effects and take matters in their own hand. Our community loves our wellness services and we get inspiration every day on how to make your next trip healthier. Wellness during your business trip? We have only just begun!


Frequent business travelers book their healthy hotel on Roundstay. All hotels have the ’roundness’ factor, offering the healthiest food and facilities. We have selected these hotels and have rated the wellness facilities, fitness, breakfast and running options.

In addition, we offer various services like a running coach, rental shoes in your hotel and in room wellness kits. Roundstay is now available in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan and Paris – and will continue to expand.