12 apps for healthy travel

Many of us are traveling the globe for business. This 2017 we need some new, inspiring and good-looking apps on our phone or watch. Use them and they will make you run, move, jump and be quiet, at home and on your next trip. Good for you, for your health and your business.
We all know about the blessings of a fully charged and well-stocked phone when traveling. So we have downloaded the regular fitness apps. But in addition, there are so many creative and cool apps that will help you travel safe and sound. Here’s the list with apps that are popular at the ROUNDSTAY offices.

Zombies Run 3!

What better way to train for that 5K than to flee from hordes of zombies? Zombies Run is indeed the best idea for an exercise motivator that we’ve seen in a long time. This app is part interactive horror flick, part personal trainer, and it guides you through interval training while enmeshing you in an apocalyptic story in which only you can save humanity over the course of eight weeks. Users get rewarded for every step they run or walk by earning supplies and tools that help save the human race from the impending zombie attack. Join more than a million runners (and sci-fi fans) who have discovered this fun and super motivational way to work out. You just follow a structured training program for your run, but have tons of fun doing it by pretending to go on missions to help you fellow man and escape from the zombies running around you. For iOS and Android.


In the summer months when the weather gets hot, you need to stay hydrated above all else. Sometimes you may get caught up doing other things, or relegate your liquid intake to coffee, soda, and alcohol. Water though, is always good, especially since 57-60% of our bodies is made up of water to the point that the average adult human body is water. WaterMinder is all about reminding you to drink water throughout the day, so that you can stay hydrated. The app has a very simple purpose, but it can still be surprisingly valuable. The interface is designed around simplicity to nail the singular focus of the app. The main screen delivers a single button allowing you to add in a cup or bottle of water that you drank. As you add them in, the on screen body starts to fill up with water, and you want to fill it 100% to reach your water goal for that day. An icon badge will also display the percentage of water you’ve consumed throughout the day. Reminders can be set up to ensure you stay on track. The app also includes intake history, a graph to see your progress, and a guide to drinking water. Available for iPhone, Android and Apple Watch.


Cody calls itself the Facebook for fitness. The app delivers workouts, articles, and playlists based on the user’s goals, Cody offers users inside connections to a fitness community where they can share and complete workouts by following new and old friends. With its most recent update, Cody now allows trainers to post their favorite workouts and fitness programs into the community and your feed (if you’re following those trainers). The idea is allow trainers who already have their own followings to leverage that audience and bring it to Cody, which is both a bonus for Cody (its user base grows) and the trainer’s audience as it gets access to a new mobile and social fitness community. Cody also allows trainers to share multimedia content within Cody as well, bringing video to the app’s community, and allowing users to watch these short videos and try 10-day cardio challenges, upper body workouts and so on. The trainers can then add to those videos as they go, providing feedback, pointers or striking up a conversation with their audience via Cody. This app allows people to track their own progress through a timeline and other users can like and comment on your daily workout activity. So, all you gym goers that like to videotape each other working out daily can congregate in one place! For iOS and Android.


For those who value money as incentive, this one’s for you. Formerly known as GymPact, this app encourages users to put their money where their mouth is. Getting fit and staying healthy are after all no easy goals. Pact uses cash stakes to help you achieve your health goals, week after week. To use the app, you can chose to make a pact to exercise, log your meals on MyFitnessPal.com or eat vegetables for a certain number of days. Commit to eating healthy or pay the consequences. With a veggie pact, you set a goal to eat a certain amount of fruits and vegetables per week. To verify each serving, you snap a photo with your phone before eating. (To help prevent cheating, photos are verified using a variety of criteria.) Finally, the gym pact works much like always, giving you credit for trips to the gym, bike rides of at least 30 minutes, a daily step count of at least 10,000, and so on. (Pact can sync with apps like RunKeeper and fitness trackers like the Jawbone Up to assist with automated logging.) If you reach or exceed your goals, you earn cash. If you don’t, you have to pay up. The pot is communal, and there are a lot of slackers out there pouring money into it.


No gym? No time? Stuck in your hotel room? Sworkit is a fine solution for squeezing in a quick strengthening, cardio, or stretching session, or getting you to sweat for a full hour if you prefer. It is designed with busy people in mind with high-intensity bodyweight workouts that you can make as short as five minutes and as long as an hour. All you do is choose the amount of time you have to exercise, what kind of workout you want, and then do what Sworkit tells you to do. It’ll even time each exercise for you so you don’t have to bother with a stopwatch. If you don’t know how to perform a given exercise, examples will be shown on screen to help you out. Choose the style of exercise you’re looking for (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and discover dozens of different workouts—or go ahead and use the app to create a custom workout. Every workout set is super easy to follow with high-quality videos and a countdown clock of the number of reps you have left. (Free; iOS and Android, Sworkit Pro offers a few more features, so if you’d like you can pick it up for $1).


Part of the reason meditation can be so challenging is because it’s hard for us to really tune out from all that’s around us. You start to focus on your breathing, but then you remember that email you forgot to send or that bill you was about to pay – bye bye inner peace, hello little stress moment… On Calm.com, a soothing voice announces the practice of doing nothing but focusing on your breath—just for two minutes. Or ten. You can choose a scenery, and the length of practice. In the site and mobile app, you choose from several relaxing nature scenes, then select between a 2, 10, or 20 minute session. A narrator then walks you through getting relaxed, telling you to close your eyes, relax your shoulders, focus on your chest, notice sensations, and so on. Birds, ocean waves, and other natural sounds add to the peacefulness. Calm is one large HD video loop of rain falling on leaves, waves rippling along a beach, or particles of light falling from the sky. The same is true for the app versions; just on a smaller scale. The meditation exercises focus on everything from releasing anxiety to building compassion to feeling more confident. The free Calm apps also include a seven-step process that outlines meditation and short audio files containing guided meditations. The premium version, ranging in price from $3.99-$9.99/year based on subscription level, includes 50 longer, guided meditations and updated content.

Google Keep

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night with an ingenious idea only to forget it by the time you get up in the morning, you need Google Keep. The app is the perfect place for note taking, making to-do lists, and filing away any random ideas and inspiration. When Google Keep launched, it never got the buzz it deserved. The people that did review it compared it to all the wrong apps, like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote. That’s a shame, because a surprisingly good note taking app went under the radar. Say bye-bye to all of those random scraps of paper lying around your home. And the app even supports voice-recorded notes (because we all know the best inspiration comes when we’re in the shower). The app has a slick, clean interface. Good widget implementation. Voice memos with transcription. Numerous sharing options. Create Google Now notes. Location and time reminders. (Free for Android only, for iOS there is a separate GoKeep for Google Keep app)


Human is the exercise tracker with a soul. Unlike the Nike+ FuelBand, which counts your exercise using “Fuel Points,” or Moves, a popular app which counts your steps or distance travelled, Human uses a concrete goal anybody can understand: 30 minutes of exercise per day, automatically tracking different sorts of physical activity by using the phone’s passive location services. The company calls it the ‘Daily 30′. As it is extremely simple, keeping up with Human is easier than with competitive fitness systems. But rather than focusing on the myriad of statistics that many other fitness apps do, Human keeps it simple by using photography and animations to motivate users. since it’s built into your phone and not into a rechargeable wristband like the FuelBand, it requires little extra effort to keep up using it. (Only on iPhone).


Ok, let’s be fair. We all love traveling the globe, but gosh, do we hate the jet lag that follows us everywhere. Pzizz (‘The worlds’ most advanced sleep and power nap system’) helps you to fall asleep, in whatever time zone your are in. The app is a tool that uses brain entrainment technology (like isochronic tones, binaural beats, and other cool things), but it’s not just any other brain entrainment program. Pzizz is an audio-generation engine that is capable of producing over one hundred billion combinations of tracks that sound almost exactly alike. In reality, Pzizz creates a different soundtrack every time you use it. In theory, this helps keep the app from becoming familiar. It uses a randomization algorithm that gives it over 100 billion different sounds. It guides you through 20 minutes of soothing sounds and spoken relaxation coaching, and you don’t even need to fall asleep all the way to benefit—just zone out until the end of the routine and you’ll feel refreshed. Pzizz is a universal app running natively on both iOS and Android. This new app is also free, unlike the paid earlier versions and combines both Sleep and Energizer (now Power Nap) as modules within the app. Using Pzizz is quite simple. You choose which module you wish to use, Power Nap or Sleep, and then choose the settings you want for each. The default settings are a great place to start, especially if you are new to the whole concept. As you get used to using the app, you can experiment with the other settings.

Chew It Well

Whereas we first thought of this app as one giant jest, Chewitwell is in fact a very serious tool that is designed to help you to eat with the right speed. File this one under things your mother was right about: Eating slower will make you listen to your body when your stomach’s full, and you’ll avoid overeating. This app supposedly fights indigestion and (therefore) helps you to loose weight by eating slow. But how slow is slow? Let this app tell you. Cue it up as you start a meal and the timer will let you know when you’re due for the next bite.


Carrot is a sarcastic computer character that wants you to get things done, and there are three Carrot apps that can help you do this. The first Carrot app was a to-do list app, then they came out with an alarm clock to help users wake up on time, and the recent addition was created to make you work out, and it’s called Carrot fit! This is our type of humor. This app has an attitude, and it’s a wonderful motivator. If you don’t complete an item on your list (like “work out”) in a reasonable amount of time, it’ll berate you for being such a lazy piece of garbage. Meet Carrot, the getting things done app with an attitude. If you’re good and you actually do the things you add to its list, you’ll be rewarded. But if you don’t … actually, things get much more fun if you don’t. Carrot has two personalities. The happy Carrot takes joy in seeing you succeed, and showers you with praise for completing tasks. The angry Carrot hates you simply because you exist, and only takes joy in showering you with insults and petty sideswipes. She helps you keep tracks of your workout schedule and even has their own version of the seven minute workout. Recently the founders have also launched Carrot Hunger, the overly sarcastic calorie counter. Eating healthier has never been more fun. (also available for Apple Watch).

Airplane Yoga

Not afraid of being the weirdo in the airplane? Airplane Yoga will guide you through meditation techniques or simple exercises to lessen tension on your back and neck while flying. If you do travel a lot, Airplane Yoga can help you avoid jet lag and traveler’s fatigue. Created just for people who are looking for an app to couple yoga with travel, Airplane Yoga offers users a way to make travel a more Zen like experience. You can get a good stretch, feel more relaxed and not bother everyone around you. Use this app and try Yoga asanas like the Seated Spinal Rolls. Simple Seated Twist, the Modified Mountain Pose and the Mini Lunges. In addition to the detailed instructions, 13 of the 24 poses are demonstrated with video clips. Extras include trip planning checklists and trips for hassle free travel, as well as audio instructions for poses that you can practice while waiting at the boarding gate. Namaste!